Application and OS Help

Are you struggling with macros in Word, Excel or Powerpoint (Windows or Mac)?
Would you love to be able to make Outlook do some fancy tricks to make your life easier and improve productivity?
How about making your Mac more useful by using the power of Automator and AppleScript to automate repetitive tasks?
Do you seem to spend too much time copying and pasting blocks of numbers in Excel and Numbers spreadsheets, always thinking to yourself that there must be an easier way?

We can help with all the above. We can supply a Consultant (at very competitive rates) to spend time with you, either in person or remotely, to understand what you need to achieve and either solve the problem with you then and there or (in some cases) take it away for further study. We have a lot of experience of solving application and OS problems in domestic, SME and Enterprise contexts and we are sure we can help you too.

Let us take care of all your application support requirements so you have more time to manage your business.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs - without obligation, of course.

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