Mobile Device Management

The lines between remote machine management and mobile device management are blurring at a dizzying rate and there is no doubt that soon the terms will mean exactly the same one day.
We are delighted to offer a Device Management service to our Clients old and new - supporting both mobile devices like cellular phones, “phablets” and tablets and also larger devices like netbooks, laptops/notebooks and even desktop computers (PCs, Linux and Macs).

The service is available for the following types of device:
  • iOS from Apple - iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and iPod Touch;
  • Android from Google - devices from the Nexus range, also Samsung and Sony etc;
  • Windows from Microsoft - Laptops and Desktop, also mobile devices from Nokia;
  • Mac OS X - Apple MacBooks, iMac, Mac mini etc;

The remote management uses equipment and tools from our friends at Cisco and represents the state-of-the-art for security and reliability.

Functionality includes:
  • Remote wipe - full and selective;
  • Pushing new applications to devices;
  • Locating the device (where hardware permits);
  • Remote reset of device passcode;
  • Remote assessment of security vulnerability;
  • Remote auditing of installed applications;
  • Remote viewing of device status such as battery level, network connected to, storage capacity and use, etc;
  • Remote pushing of profiles and certificates to device.

We can configure your devices to use our system on your behalf, or provide detailed instructions to your users to provide continuity for them.
We can offer various SLAs - dependant upon your needs - available immediately.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information - without obligation, of course.

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