Disaster Planning

Planning for disasters is crucial to modern businesses. A carefully controlled off-site backup of all data stored is of course essential (and easily set up with the right knowledge) but also consideration needs to be given to hardware and infrastructure.
If a fire breaks out in an office, assuming someone else is sorting out furniture, decorating, electrical power etc is fine - but how will you get new computers and printers?
How can they be connected other resources to form a new network?
Who will configure the new machines with the right software and user accounts (remembering how long it took to get all that sorted out at the beginning)?
You need help to plan all this - and a partner you can call in case the worst happens.

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Even with the best laid plans, things sometimes go wrong...
It has been known for firms to spend years doing backups to devices without having a clue how to use those backups when they desperately need them! This is, of course, easily resolved with a little technical guidance.
We helped a company once resolve a very serious problem - an aging desktop PC had died due to catastrophic hardware failure which had destroyed both the motherboard and also the hard disk drive. So they were obliged to replace both, then restore their data from the backup they had safely stored. Sadly, the machine was so old that sourcing a new replacement which would be compatible with their software was impossible. We were able to source a second-hand machine - refurbish and test it, then install all the software they needed and restore the backup for them (they had no idea how to do this). We also supplied them with another, identical, PC available on a shelf in case this should happen again. We lastly provided help with selecting a more future-proof solution in terms of hardware and software which they procured.

When the unexpected happens, you need to know you are getting good advice and practical help and FAST - so that you can get your business making money again as soon as possible. We have the experience to provide that advice and help.

We would be very happy to visit your premises to understand your needs and discuss how best to move forward.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information - without obligation, of course.

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