Apple iOS Development


I have three iOS Applications currently available in the Apple App Store…

Dual Timer
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Dual Timer is a stopwatch, with Start/Stop, Lap, Pause and Reset functions - twice.
A simple idea - this app is very popular, used for everything from cooking through gym to timing concrete curing!

Working Memory Test

Working Memory Test is a game which tests your ability to memorise nine numbers in nine squares and which number is in which position. Playing involves simply tapping the squares in ascending numerical order. Simple, right? Maybe not as simple as you think. Check out YouTube ("ESL Chimp's Memory") to see a chimp in Professor Tetsuo Matsuzawa's lab (at the Kyoto Primate Research Institute in Japan) memorise nine numbers in 0.65 seconds in a similar test. He does this repeatedly.

TV Stopwatch
(sorry, no App Store previews available for tvOS apps)

Apple asked me if I would consider developing for the New Apple TV (which is actually version 4) in advance of the product launch in October 2015. I agreed and my first tvOS app, TV Stopwatch, was approved by Apple for sale in their TV App Store before the Apple TV was on sale. It’s a simple stopwatch, with pause and lap functions - but of course is as big as your TV screen.

Jonathan Groves