Electronic Engineering

2015: We conceived, designed and built a prototype of a specialist break-out box for London Underground - this connects using MilSpec Litton connectors between the circuits in a train and an on-board computer and allows each of the signal connections to be connected to test equipment using standard banana plugs. The box also allows isolation of one or both of the 50V DC power inputs to the computer, and also the isolation, forcing or train-driven supply to parallel computer inputs. Finally, the breakout box includes RS485 to USB converters to allow inspection of the data comms between the computer and the trainborne systems.
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The Client is very pleased with the prototype - the next step is to create design drawings for approval prior to production of the unit.

We have personnel with experience of electronics design, assembly, testing and commissioning.

Systems worked on include:
  • Railway telecomms systems
  • Test equipment
  • Lighting control systems
  • Computer i/o design - assembly and testing
  • Electronic musical instruments
  • Measurement and data capture instrumentation

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