Web Design

We specialise in clean, uncluttered websites which
get the message across without bells and whistles - a bit like this one, really!

Our prices are very reasonable - we are very flexible about making short-notice edits - and we can provide good advice about hosting options as well.

For most Customers, we carry out the following services:
1. Identify, procure and register their Domain;
2. Procure and configure their web and email hosting (our favourite is known as Linux cPanel);
3. Create the website from the Client’s material and deploy it to their domain;
4. Configure their email service - both on the server and their devices;
5. Optimise the website to help with search engine placement;
6. Refine website content until Customer delighted;
7. Submit Invoice - usually less than £250 + VAT for the setup and first year’s hosting charges;
8. Make small changes for free - training the Owner to edit if they wish.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat about your needs - without obligation, of course.

Groves Systems Ltd
making the web work for you...