We are currently engaged to write a suite of test software for London Underground, involving coding for Windows, Apple iOS and Linux (in Python, C and bash).
We now have five Apple iOS apps published, four for iPhone/iPad and one for the new Apple TV.

A number of our Development services are shown on the menu to the right.

As well as being registered to develop for Apple (iOS (including tvOS), Mac OS X and WebApps), we are also registered with Oculus (for Rift Virtual Reality development), Google (for Android), Symbian (aka Psion), Microsoft, Anoto and BlackBerry.

Our personnel also are encouraged to enter the
Google CodeJam competition every year. Not won yet but have qualified for higher rounds!!

Examples of previous application development include:

  • Real-time Windows app to assist faultfinding of an Arch Linux box, connecting via SSH over ad-hoc Wi-Fi - allowing complete diagnosis of system status and rapid maintenance - London Underground
  • Real-time diagnostics and data logging (Windows) - “CLAMPS” application - London Underground;
  • Clock-based screen saver (Windows) - “Club Europe” - British Airways;
  • Intelligent remote control keypad for passenger information system (Nematron) - London Underground;
  • Retail website creation utility (Windows) - “CatWriter” - Private client;
  • Trainborne Data Transmission System test utility (Windows) - 92TS “Aloysius” - London Underground;
  • Train data download acquisition utility (Windows) - “Bartholomew” - London Underground;
  • Translation utility to extract English from PLC source code (Windows) - “Ermintrude” - London Underground;
  • File de-archival and copying tool (Windows) - “Farquar” - London Underground;
  • Train data download database event searching utility (Windows) - “Fred” - London Underground;
  • Train data download database time-based searching utility (Windows) - “Geronimo” - London Underground;
  • Trainborne ATO diagnostics file extraction and slicing utility (Windows) - “LogChop” - London Underground
  • Utility to drive (and monitor) RS422 link to mini dot matrix displays used for PTI data on Central line (Windows) - “PTIDemo” - London Underground;
  • Application to convert cryptic hex wheel diameter numbers to decimal millimetres (Windows) - “WheelCalc” - London Underground
  • Clone of the popular dice game “Yahtzee” - programming exercise using QuickBASIC;
  • Encryption and decryption of single word phrases using Windows Mobile handheld - “PortaCrypt” - secrecy-critical application and Client.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need something developed quickly, with no rework nor fuss - without obligation, of course.

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