Google Glass - first days...

So those of you who know me will know I’m a real gadget addict.
I succumbed and bought Glass - the UK Explorer version - for £1,000 including VAT (here’s a link to the web page)
They are throwing in free frames or shades right now, I chose frames (these ones).
I’m really impressed.
Glass projects its image onto the retina, and for me I found it completely comfortable and natural from the get go. I have found some people either find it hard to adjust or just cannot get all four corners of the screen visible. Happily, Google are offering a 30-day money back policy in the UK right now (I will *not* be returning mine lol).
There’s a touchpad which runs along the side of Glass, which can be tapped (which behaves like a mouse click), stroked forwards and backwards to scroll, or stroked downwards to dismiss. The tap gesture serves to wake Glass up - but this can also be accomplished by tilting the head upwards at a configurable angle. Once awake, the user is presented with a card showing the time, and the caption “OK Glass”. This is the cue that Glass is listening. Saying “OK Glass” (or performing the tap gesture) presents the user with a menu of options whose content depends on the Glassware (apps to you and me) installed. If the user is using the voice, Glass presents a list of commands which can be scrolled by looking up and down - feeling completely natural. If using the touchpad, the options are presented one per card, which the user scrolls through as previously described.
As a notification tool, Glass is second to none.
Twitter mentions, Google Hangout messages, Gmail - all appear without fuss and you can read and reply to them easily from Glass.
You can program Glass to constantly look at your eye watching for a slow wink, then take a photo: very cool.
They are great for posting those photos to Facebook, with a caption too - almost instantly - and the photos are of pretty good quality. Here’s an example:


This was just a quick snap, I didn’t spend long composing it and I wasn’t even standing still when I took it. Not bad, huh?
There is a manual option for taking a photo - a small switch on the top of Glass will wake Glass up and take a photo when pressed.
Glass shoots video as well - initiated by voice or holding that switch down. Video shooting is limited to ten seconds unless extended by pressing that switch again. I guess this is a privacy thing and makes sense to me.

I spent some time looking into developing for Glass - I have an idea for Glassware which I may yet take further. Oddly (I guess), Developers are not allowed to charge a cent for Glassware. I guess the model for leveraging some profit would be using a companion app on the user’s phone or tablet which is charged for - but it’s an interesting concept from the start. Oh yes: no adverts either!

More to come
I’ll add to this when I have more experience of this stunning gadget - please feel free to ask if you’d like to know anything specific.

Jonathan - 27th July 2014