Apple iOS Battery Advice

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We often get asked if we know any tips for saving battery life on iPhones and iPads.
So it would seem appropriate to share our thoughts on this with you, Dear Reader.
Note that these are provided without any form of representation nor warranty - use at your own risk.
The screenshots shown are from an iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.0.2 - the iPad steps are the same but the appearance is different.

Step 1 - Choose Settings from the Home Screen:

Step 1-25pc

Then Privacy...

Step 2-25pc

Then Location Services:

Step 3-25pc

Scroll to the bottom and choose System Services...

Step 4-25pc

Below you can see my selection (at least, the top ones - there are more below).
It’s your choice - some of these make a massive difference to battery life...

Step 5-25pc

... and here are those others as mentioned above:

Step 6-25pc

There’s more...
Always turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them and, if you know you’re going out of coverage of cellular data, select Airplane Mode (but remember to turn it off again!).
Background Refresh
Consider Background Refresh settings - these determine what apps are permitted to keep running when they are in the background - in other words, when you have pressed the Home button but not yet “killed” the app. If you can live with this being none - turn off the whole thing, this will have a big impact on battery longevity.
You can live with less brightness. Really you can. Your screen uses masses of power and reducing the brightness just a little makes a noticeable difference.
Mail Synch
If you can live with it, set your email Fetch setting to Manual. This way, you’ll only get new email when you run the app. Many people can live happily with this. Because the device isn’t regularly checking for new emails, this saves you power.

We’ll try to add some more screen dumps to help with these latest settings.

Hope this helps - feedback most welcome via the contact details on the Contact Us page.

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