Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit Tip

If, like us, you’ve been trying hard to use the iPad Camera Connection Kit (CCK) as a speedy way to import iPad wallpaper or lock screen splash images for large-scale device builds for big rollouts, you have probably had problems with persuading the iPad to recognise the card or file format.
We have found that, if you have the USB flavour of the CCK, you can connect an iPhone or iPad using its USB cable to the CCK - and the iPad can then consume any photo stored in the Camera Roll. This works really fast and is a great way to migrate users from an older to newer device without the security concerns some enterprises have about iCloud - their apps will just be downloadable from their App Store > Purchased screen, and you can copy all their photos and videos across using the above method.
So by simply emailing the photo to the Apple iPhone, all the pain of SD card formats, folder names, filenames and formats goes away.
Incidentally for those out there trying to use a Camera Connection Kit with the legacy 30-pin Apple Dock Connector on newer, Lightning-equipped iPads: you’ll be happy to hear that the older CCK works find with the genuine Apple Lightning to 30-pin adaptor.

In other news: as you may have found out already, you can use the USB CCK to connect a MIDI-equipped physical instrument to GarageBand on your iPad too! Simply buy a USB to MIDI interface cable, plug in and play away! (For those at the back asking “What does MIDI stand for?” - Musical Instrument Digital Interface”. So now you know.

Hope you find this useful - please feel free to get in touch if you want to know more.

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