Job Interview Advice

Job Interview? Here’s our tuppence worth...

The important thing for YOU is that YOU are happy it’s the right job. So YOU need to make sure it’s what YOU want. It doesn’t matter to YOU what they think. While you’re there, you can show off how clever you are. This puts you in the right frame of mind and promotes confidence.

Make sure you won’t need the toilet - some interviews are long...

Smile often.

Look the panel in the eye when you speak.

Open stance (no crossed arms nor legs). Palms open on table in front of you. Project honesty and integrity. BUT DON’T FIDGET.

If flummoxed by a question, look at the panel, smile, take a deep breath, and reply. MAKE THEM WAIT to hear the answer, do NOT rush - you have the floor and it’s your turn to speak so they can jolly well wait to hear what you have to say. This couple of seconds can be vital for getting thoughts lined up (while smiling calmly despite the possible riot of thoughts inside lol) and also mentally taking control of the floor to boost your confidence. This also applies at the start of every ppt you ever do.

Beware of revealing micro-gestures to the panel - smiling helps hide these. Look a questioner in the eye calmly when addressed but don’t stare maniacally!

Make very sure you have some questions for them. Show you are passionate to be joining their exciting team (and if you’re not, don’t bother turning up for the interview...)

You might wish to print this to read again just before the interview starts.

Drop us a line when you get the job to say thanks!

Errors and Omissions excepted - no responsibility will be accepted if this advice does not help.