Apple Watch - My 2 cents worth...

People stop me all the time and ask about my  Watch.

They always ask me the same things - so here are the questions and my answers in case anyone else finds it useful...

1. How long have you had it?
I received mine on the very first day - having pre-ordered it before they sold out (in five minutes!).

2. Which model is it?
I chose the Sport (because it’s the cheapest) but the larger screen size (I’m very longsighted and wanted to improve my chances when not wearing glasses or lenses). I chose the silver case and blue Sport Band - because everyone was obviously going to choose black and I wanted to improve my chances.

3. How much did *that* cost?
£330 including UK VAT.

4. Is the battery life of the Apple Watch poor?
No - I charge it all night and wear it all day and I can truthfully say that I have never seen it lower than 65% full when I put it on charge.

5. What does it do?
It provides a great interface for notifications - this is probably the most significant application. It can also monitor heart rate, exercise and even stream music over bluetooth (no more struggling with that iPhone in the gym). With  Watch OS 2 we will be able to build native apps for the watch: currently they are (to simplify things (this is a complex subject)) extensions of iPhone apps.

6. Does it take photos?
No - although it can remotely enable the camera on the companion iPhone.

7. Can you make phone calls like Dick Tracy?

8. What’s your favourite app?
Probably Messages - I can read incoming iMessage or SMS communications and reply form the watch either by dictating, choosing from a (configurable) list, or an emoticon. Dictated iMessage replies can be sent as sound clips or text.

9. Is it waterproof?
This isn’t clear from Apple’s sales blurb. I don’t take any chances.

That’s all, folks - ask away if you’d like to know more.