Health and Safety - in the Workplace and Home

Our personnel have a vast wealth of experience in some of the most hazardous industries which means they have heavyweight experience of Health and Safety in the workplace.

We have provided staff for railway projects, working trackside - which is widely acknowledged as one of the most dangerous environments there is. Our people have been trained to the highest levels for this type of work, including working on both live track (third rail and overhead) and also on live switchgear.

Some of our resources have worked in big construction sites - which also present complicated Health and Safety risks which need careful management.

If your Health and Safety regime seems unreasonable, and you want someone to review the arrangements, please let us know. We can help.

If you are worried if you have enough safety controls in place, we have access to very competent resources which we can put at your disposal - for small work packages or long-term placements - at astonishing rates.

As mentioned elsewhere, we can provide complete PAT testing for the home or workplace at competitive rates including online record-keeping.

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