Contract-Free CCTV Monitoring and Alert System

We have developed a security system which allows for timed (and remotely-overridable) monitoring of an area.

The system uses inexpensive components (webcams and micro-computers) and is designed to notify the user when movement is detected, without any monthly subscription - in other words: free!

The notification includes an animated image showing the movement which triggered the notification.

It is also possible to remotely trigger the generation and transmission of the animated image on demand, regardless of timed arming status.

No monthly costs are required for the notification service - all that is required is an internet connection and mains power. It seems likely this is a first: a free service replacing expensive CCTV systems with a simple, economical system.

When time (and pressure of other commitments) allows, we will roll this system out to the public as both a kit of components (with detailed instructions for setup) and as a bespoke installation commissioned onsite.

The cost is likely to be £200 plus VAT for the kit, or £700 plus VAT for a single fitted system.

The system is expendable by adding additional cameras - cost likely to be £75 plus VAT for the camera and instructions, or £300 plus VAT supplied and commissioned.

Prices are not yet fixed and are likely to be negotiable for volume purchases.

Please drop us a line if you’d like more information.

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