Dual Timer Support

Dual Timer is a two-channel stopwatch for iOS devices. It allows each channel to be started, paused (i.e. freezing), lap time viewed and reset independently. Additionally, both timers may be started at the same time.

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START The DualTimer has two separate channels. When the app starts, the user is presented with a START button for each. Pressing the appropriate START button starts that timer. Alternatively, if neither timer is running, the user may START BOTH by pressing the central button. Once a timer is running, the buttons associated with that timer change their labels to reveal LAP and PAUSE functions. The functionality provided by these is shown below.
LAP The lap function freezes the display whilst the timer keeps running. This allows convenient noting of the time at which a specific event occurred, such as a racer completing a lap. While one of the timers is in lap mode, its buttons change to RESUME and RESET - whose functionality is described below.
PAUSE The pause function allows a timer to be paused - in other words, the display freezes and the timer does not keep running. Similarly to the lap mode, the relevant timer’s buttons change to RESUME and RESET - whose functionality is described below.
RESUME The resume function takes a timer from lap or pause mode to once more reveal the running timer. In the case of a timer in lap mode, the resume function displays the time elapsed since the start which has been running in the background. From pause mode, resume starts the time from the moment when pause was selected.
RESET The reset function sets the relevant timer to zero and changes the buttons to show a single START option. Note that if both timers are reset, the START BOTH function appears once more.
BACKGROUND OPERATION The DualTimer uses real time for its calculations so going into the background and resuming has no effect on a device capable of providing this functionality. Similarly, a device slowing down due to extreme activity or other poorly-written applications, will not affect the time displayed by DualTimer.

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