Apple TV Stopwatch Support

The Apple TV Stopwatch is just a giant stopwatch for your Apple TV. The usual stopwatch functions are provided n an easy-to-use format on the big screen.
START Press the Start button to start the TVStopwatch running
PAUSE The pause function allows the stopwatch to be paused - in other words, the display freezes and the timer does not keep running. While paused, you may Resume or Reset.
The lap function freezes the display whilst the timer keeps running. This allows convenient noting of the time at which a specific event occurred, such as a racer completing a lap. While lapping, you may resume or reset.
RESET The reset function resets the stopwatch ready for the Start button again.
Coded entirely in the UK using Apple’s astonishing new Swift language for simplicity and speed. Only genuine Xcode tools downloaded directly from Apple were used - official builds of development environments and test devices.
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Jonathan Groves