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The idea behind this application is that it allows the capturing and analysis of behaviours in meetings or discussions - and although the intent was that this would be used for larger meetings, it would work just as well for smaller groups. The operator listens to conversation and observes behaviour and presses one of six large buttons on the main Meeting Analyser screen. As an example, there is a Positive and a Negative button. The user, on hearing or observing Positive behaviour, touches the “Positive” button. Feedback is provided via a brief vibration, unless this is disabled via the switch at the bottom of the main screen. The same principle applies for other behaviours. Let’s look at some screen dumps and put this into practice...


When you first run the app, you are presented with the above screen. Notice the large buttons which show Positive/Negative, Asking/Telling, You/Me - these buttons are used to count behaviours observed in meetings for later analysis. Because the buttons are so large, the app may even be run discreetly beneath the table - which is facilitated by the Vibrate function enabled via the switch at the foot of the screen. Pressing the little Info button in the bottom right of the screen reveals the Statistics screen, please see below:


Here you can see the number of clicks of each button recorded since reset, along with the ratios for the three categories. If you should press a count button in error, simply flip to this screen and press the relevant “-1” button to decrement that count. Each category, or all categories, may be simply reset here by pressing the appropriate button. Pressing “Done” at the top left of the screen will take you back to the front screen.
iPhone 5 (and other devices with screens larger than 3.5”)
We regret that the current version of MeetingAnalyser does not fill the whole screen on the newer large screen devices. This does not affect functionality, just aesthetics.

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